jueves, 5 de febrero de 2009


By Ester Astudillo
For Gina, who, unbeknownst to her, managed to somehow sustain my faith in an altogether alternative universe.
So that somehow I survived

So here you commence,
Your perfect poise
And your lilt
Unblemished and complete,
A fragility so intense

And incomparable
Clipped to your brow
Like a tumbling atom
Fleeing its pull.

Thus the primal soup of life
Stands ready to concoct:
Insides, innards, entrails
And whatnot in a floatsam
Of void,
All so finely bound
In your brief cavity,
Bloodless and fleshless
And speared.

Lips brimming with
Unrequited kisses
And bites
As yet unrehearsed.
Eye-balls tarnished
And mute
To the turmoil without.
Fists mobile,
Scary in the blind
Searching faith
Of their unyielding grip.

Still your breath exhales,
As I reach for you,
A memory
Of ancient scales
And maritime dreams,
Piercing the vapid herenes
Of earthly want,
While I march to the
Warfare drums
Of your heartbeat
And guide you home.
Cause this is home, baby.
Here’s to you, love.

8 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Es que ni William Blake...
Francis Drake

Ester Astudillo dijo...

Ja, ja!
Thanks anyway, anonymous.

carlesrull dijo...

He necessitat molt diccionari, però al final ho he aconseguit. Genial, Ester.

Ester Astudillo dijo...

Many thanks, Carles

R.P.M. dijo...

Bueno, bueno, esto es poesía pura. This is home, baby... aquí estamos, "somos nacidos" y este el mundo. Desgarrador pero entrañable. Precioso. Felicidades políglotas. See you.

Ester Astudillo dijo...

Thanks a lot, Rufino.

Anónimo dijo...

I will try to understand it with my dictionary. I used to think my english is good but...reading this wonderful poem,... I doubt. :)

paula dijo...

Thank you for de present,tiene remitente de dona bilingüe.Lo desenvolveré despacito,como dice mi alumno,marinero de pateras,cuando bucea en diccionarios,las palabras se me escapan y las tuyas están muy hondas je,je.
un kiss.paula